Expert Witness Services in Computer Software and Information Technology

As an expert witness and consulting expert we provide services in the field of information technology and computer software. We carefully select the cases we support, only engaging where we can provide a genuinely expert opinion. This sometimes means declining more cases than are accepted, but thereby ensure that our clients are always provided the quality of support they deserve. Working together we will determine whether our expertise matches the needs of your case. We also maintain a directory of other experts in this field and will gladly refer you elsewhere if we are not convinced that Fair Opinion can provide the expert witness services you require.

The scope of our expert witness practice includes the following technologies and industries:

Technology Experience

Industry Experience


Considerations when Selecting an Expert
Selecting the right expert witness is central to your strategy for litigating a case.  The right expert simplifies complex technical issues. The credibility of their testimony convinces a jury of the strength of your case. But select the wrong expert and you risk wasting time and energy as you struggle to get a coherent expert report produced. Or worse, you are faced with unpredictable behavior as your expert seeks to advance their own legal theories of the case.  There are three major categories of expert witness from which you can choose. We believe that the Expert Practitioner is the best choice. So, when you are looking for an expert with real world experience and academic credentials, who has both breadth of experience and depth of specialized skills, Fair Opinion is the place to start.

Computer Software Expert Witness

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